IT Networking

IT Networking solutions

Office/Home Office IT Networking

We provide IT networking business support to both small and medium sized companies. Whilst all setups have their similarities, we always start with an initial assessment of your current requirements and make sure they are easy to use, easy to maintain and easy to expand upon with minimal downtime should you require it. find out more …


IT Networking - Wi-fi Hotspots

Wi-fi & Hotspots

New office? New equipment? New personnel? We have the expertise to ensure you have internet connectivity everywhere you need it. We can install and configure a lighting fast, secure and expandable wireless network customised to your exact requirements or upgrade an already existing setup. Troubleshooting problems with wi-fi drop-out, security and network configurations are also not a problem for us. find out more …


IT Networking - Mesh

VPN Connectivity

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a secure way for your staff to access the company server of NAS data. Having the ability for staff to work at home will provide more flexibility within your business whilst ensuring GDPR legislation compliance. Q Line IT can provide low cost but secure options keeping your company ahead of the competition. find out more …


IT Networking - Router

Router Control

Network routers can be one of the most under utilised devices in an office. Access time controls, guest networks, file sharing, parental controls and basic firewall features can all be enabled on a device you already have. Get in touch to discover how we can help get the most out of your router. find out more …


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