Microsoft Exchange Email & Domains

Microsoft Exchange email and domains explained

Microsoft Exchange Emails

Exchange Emails – Hosted Exchange or Microsoft Exchange (as it is more commonly known) is the highest level of email protocol.

Whatever the specifics of your business email requirements, Exchange will provide you with a professional solution, featuring sophisticated built in safe guards for spam, malware and phishing threats. find out more …


Microsoft Exchange - Domains


Having a domain that reflects your business name gives you a professional edge on your competitors. Starting from only £10 per year, a personalised domain is cost effective and directly helps your sales.

Whilst you may find your desired domain name have already been registered, we are specialists in finding one that reflects your company name, service or product. find out more …


Microsoft Exchange Email backup

Email Backup

If you use POP, IMAP or Exchange, new GDPR legislation requires you to have access to historic emails. Is your business compliant and backing them up securely?

Off-site backup or Exchange backup is the safest method to ensure your compliance with GDPR as well as safeguarding important emails from your clients and staff. find out more …


Microsoft Exchange Security

Email Security

How secure is your email? Many businesses still use Hotmail or Gmail for their work email address. Not only does this look unprofessional, but it doesn’t offer the best protection. Whilst you may hear terms such as “encrypted” and “2-step verification”, this doesn’t help you if your email password can be easily reset by another staff member.

We can perform a full security audit across your email system to ensure your messages remain confidential. find out more …


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